Friday, 1 November 2013

'Fireworks' (The Monthly Challenge)

On the 1st of each month we'll be posting a challenge theme to inspire your jewellery making - whether you're a seed beader, stringer, metal clay worker, kumihimo lover or an all round beadaholic! 

With winter fast approaching and the cold nights drawing in, its easy to get drawn into a darker mood. So we thought with bonfire night on our doorsteps, we'd add a bit of colour to our monthly challenge and make this month 'Fireworks'! So we want to see the bright, vibrant colours of a rocket squealing through the sky, a spinning Catherine wheel or beautiful golden sparklers. We want to see your designs that have been inspired by fireworks. Designs must be made especially for the challenge.

Images taken from google images

Does It Have To Be My Own Design? 
Not at all. We are happy for you to use designs from books, magazines or tutorials - or include elements inspired by other designers. However, we do ask that you remember to credit the designers when sending us your entries. 

Do You Accept Entries From Outside The UK? 
The Bead Shop Liverpool mails internationally so, yes, we are happy to except entries from outside the UK! 

When's The Deadline For Entries? 
The deadline for entries is the 25th of November 2013. Entries received after the 25th November will not be counted. We'll be sharing all entries on the blog - and announcing the winner - on the 28th November 2013. 

And How Do I Enter? 
Please send an e-mail to and include your name, e-mail address, details of your design and, of course, a photograph!

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