Saturday, 16 November 2013

Free Star Earring Pattern.

So the time is coming around to Xmas and we're all looking for the perfect little gifts. So here at The Bead Shop we thought we'd make a simple, but eye catching pattern for a little stocking filler.

Materials: (all available from The Bead Shop Liverpool)
5g Size 11 Seed Beads
1g of each colour Size 15 Seed Bead
4mm x 3mm Oval Chain
12 Jump Rings
2 Earwires

Step 1: Pick up eight size 11 Seed Beads.

Step 2: Go back through all the size 11/0s (from the tail upwards) picked up in the previous round to form a ring

Step 3: Coming out of a size 11/0, pick up a size 15/0 and go straight into the next size 11/0 along.

 Step 4: Continue adding 15/0s between all the 11/0s.

Step 5: Coming out of a 15/0 that you added in the previous round, pick up two 15/0s and go forward into the next 15/0 along. Repeat this step all the way around

Step 6. Come up through the first 15/0 in one of the sets of 2 that you added in the previous round. Pick up a 15/0 and go straight down through the second 15/0 from the set of two that you added in the previous round. Also go down through the 15/0 from step 4 and up into the first 15/0 from the next set of two added in the previous round. Continue this all the way around.

 Step 7: You star should now look like this. Weave in the threads.

Step 8: Cut lenghs of chain to your desired length. Using a jump ring, go through the centre of the star and a link on the chain to join.

Step 9: Repeat all previous steps to make 5 stars. Attached all 5 lengths of chain to one main jump ring. Also attach the ear wire to this jump ring.

Step 10: Repeat all steps to make the other earring.

Enjoy your earrings whether they are for your or a loved one.


Caroline Dewison said...

Gorgeous design... I love them!

Victoria Luke said...

Thanks hun!

Bead Queen said...

Fabulous! Thank you for sharing it with others, love it! xxx

Berina RGA said...

this is very beautiful!! thanks for sharing the tutorial.. please shed some light on the challenges u host..
Moxie Craftie