Thursday, 31 October 2013

'October'! monthly challenge projects and a winner!!

So what an October we've had. Mile high winds and rain! But on my way in to the Bead Shop today the sun is shining, the leaves are falling in that beautiful browny/red colour and the air is crisp. It's Halloween and i hope you all have your sweets ready for the lovely little trick or treater's that come around dressed as ghouls and goblins. 

So here are the lovely entries from this month's challenge that make us think of everything that October encompases. Entrants were welcome to interpret the 'October' theme in any way that they liked. It's now time for us to share our entries and, of course, announce the winner of the £15 voucher code for The Bead Shop Liverpool


"I associate the month of October with leaves changing colours and falling from trees, so I chose a pattern by Viktoria Szabo (VikisBeadingTutorial) called Leaf of Olwen for beading a pair of elegant earrings."


Poppy Brooch in beautiful reds and greens.


Beaded bead earrings using Swarovski pearls and crystal in Autumn colours.


Fun Polymer clay pumpkin earrings. Tutorial by


"My necklace of blue an gold tiger's eye with frosted yellow and dark maroon top drilled flowers and gold seed beads is 18" long and has hoop earrings to go with me, these colors represent the fading gold of autumn leaves and the blue gray of the sky, with the few bright an sunny days that we sometimes see before winter arrives represented by the bright gold of the seed beads

All the entries are absolutely stunning and we are so happy you all took part. The winner was chosen at random! and, at the top of the list is....

Deb! Congratulations! Deb, please e-mail us at, so that we can send your your voucher code!


Clair said...

Congratulations Deb x

Yasmine Bijoux said...

Hello Clair, I think there was a mistake,my piece wasn't shown and I haven't been entered into the draw. I sent an email with a macramé skull bracelet about a week ago?
Thank you,


Victoria Luke said...

Hi Yasmine, I'm afraid we didn't receive your entry. Unfortunately the draw has been done now, but we would love to see what you made if you would like to email it across to us. If you choose to enter this months challenge, pop a little note on to ask me to let you know that i have received it and i can drop you an email to let you know we have.

Kind Regards